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Chimney Lining & Insulation

Chimney Liner from East Coast Flues

Chimney Lining

It is important to have your chimney lined to prevent chimney fires. Chimney fires are caused when the tar from your fuel sticks to the brick work inside your chimney. This can be very difficult for a chimney sweep to remove as the tar can penetrate through the mortar and brickwork, creating black stains on the inside wall in your home. Your chimney is designed to control the draw of the smoke from your fire. If there was a gap in the brickwork or loose mortar out of the joints then it can stop smoke and carbon monoxide from coming in your home causing a potential health hazard.

Here at East Coast Flues, we offer either a 25 year guarantee liner (which is 904 grade stainless steel) or a 10 year guaranteed liner (which is 316 grade stainless steel). Our recommendation is if you do not plan on staying at your home long term or if you were going to burn just smokeless fuel (which is not as corrosive as wood is) then it would be worth having a 10 year liner installed. If you plan to burn wood and smokeless fuel we highly recommend a 25 year guarantee liner.

We also only use 150mm diameter liner unless the stove is DEFRA approved which means we can then use a 125 diameter liner. A DEFRA approved stove is one that can be used in a smoke-Controlled area like urban, town and city zones. At East Coast Flues we offer a fantastic selection of DEFRA approved wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves, from the UK and Europe's leading manufacturers, including Aga, Broseley, Carron, Dunsley, Morso, Stovax, westfire and many more.

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Chimney Liner Insulation from East Coast Flues

Chimney Insulation

A common question our customers ask us when having a stove installed is do I need chimney liner insulation? Here at East Coast Flues we highly recommend that you insulate a stainless steel chimney liner. The insulation will enable the flue to heat up more quickly and to a higher temperature. This helps reduce the risk of having an inadequate draft. In addition, while the flue gasses stay hot, less creosote will form and less fuel will be wasted. Insulation also helps to prevent any sort of condensation in the chimney.

There are two main types of chimney liner insulation. The most user-friendly chimney liner insulation is the insulation blanket. The blanket is made of a high density insulation material know as alkaline earth silicate. The blanket will get wrapped around the chimney liner the entire length. This will add to the diameter of the chimney liner, so this route is not always practical. We do not recommend the use of standard fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass insulation is not rated for very high temperatures and as such is not fit for purpose.

If your chimney stack is tight and not suitable for blanket insulation, then vermiculite chimney insulation mix is your next option. Vermiculite chimney liner insulation is made of vermiculite and Portland cement. Once the vermiculite insulation is mixed, the insulation is poured around the stainless steel chimney liner. The vermiculite insulation will harden after a week and will provide a zero clearance.

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  • fantastic staff, friendly, great prices good local business

    Emma Crazyface Harvey

  • Excellent work, helpful advice, great staff and a great price. Woodburner ready to use immediately, no mess to clean up, lovely and toasty now, highly recommended

    Nick Ajose

  • Wud def recommend this company. Friendly & efficient, helpful & professional. We r so plsd wiv r new woodburner. Cant thank u enough

    Sarah Mitchell

  • Lovely friendly lads....good job well done..many thanks

    Jayne Hench-witch Tasker

  • had a stove fitted by East Coast Flues and am very pleased with the result. They were very friendly and professional. They were also very tidy in their work and left no mess and to top it off it saves me money on my heating bill! A fantastic company. I would recommend them to everyone.

    Jessica Clark

  • East Coast Flues installed an AGA Little Wenlock Classic into my Bungalow today. Both Richard and Adrian we prompt, polite, courteous and above all, clean in their work. My wife was expecting a mess to clean up but it was probably cleaner after they left than it was before they arrived!! We chose East Coast Flues for our installation as we found that Richard understood his job, offered good sound advice and was extremely personable. He took the time to explain everything to us and even advise us on the little things we didn't even consider. I would not hesitate in recommending East Coast Flues to anyone who is looking to have a wood burner installed. I have attached a photo of the final install, its better than we had imagined it would be, we can't wait for the cold weather to start it up now!

    Keith Riches

  • Richard explained all of the wood burner options available and carried out the installation work in a clean and courteous manner. Once the installation was complete he took time to explain the instructions for usage, safety and warranties for both the wood burner and flue lining. I would highly recommend.

    Susanne Hand, Lowestoft

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